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Find online degrees for all levels - from certificates to PhD degrees.

Associate Degree

Once you have completed high school, the next logical step can be an Associate's Degree. Not only is it a qualification which can secure you meaningful, well-paid employment, but it can also count towards any Bachelor's Degree you take in the future.

There are two types of course to choose from – an Associate of Arts degree, or one as an Associate of Science. You may opt to go down a vocational path, which is typically dubbed as an Associate of Applied Science. This is for work with may not require academic training, but plenty of hands-on experience. Remember: you'll need an excellent GPA for the best institutions.

Bachelor Degree

Did you know that Bachelor's Degrees are a hallmark for academic excellence around the world? One in three Americans are proud to own one – and have found that it boosts their earning potential and increases their desirability among employers. Depending on the subject, your degree could take three years or longer to complete.

You get to blend compulsory modules that give you an understanding of the subject with elective modules, allowing you to specialize and conduct research into the areas you enjoy the most. For example, a journalist who enjoys radio broadcasting could decide to focus on this discipline. With a degree for almost every interest – this could be a life-changing opportunity for you.

Master Degree

Normally, those involved in a Master's Degree are split into two categories. Firstly, you have those who are carrying on after finishing their Bachelor's Degree – mainly because they adore their chosen subject and want to increase their knowledge base further. Then, there are mature students who have already been in the world of work for several years, but return to academia for increased earning potential and responsibility in the company they work for.

This is an irresistible opportunity to let your imagination run wild, where no theory goes unnoticed and there are no wrong ideas. You'll be able to tailor the Master's Degree around you, fully enjoying the support of your tutors. 

Doctorate Degree

A Ph.D – or a Doctorate Degree – allows you to perform research on behalf of a university, gaining the respect of your peers and cementing your reputation in the industry you've chosen. Class sizes are noticeably smaller, and most students enjoy one-on-one attention with their lecturers, allowing your academic progress to flourish.

Many graduates end up staying in the academic realm – teaching for universities, contributing to think tanks, writing for journals, and offering their world-class insight into the world we live in. Given that you're fresh talent, many universities are all too happy to provide funding if you're successful during the competitive application process.

Certificate Programs

Have you always wanted an employer to take notice of your CV, and a resume that's distinctive and worth taking attention of? If so, consider a Certificate or Diploma – which can be a form of accreditation from reputable organizations that you know your stuff. These qualifications can be taken at many stages of your career – whether you've just concluded high school, or whether you're a Masters graduate with 20 years' experience in your sector.

Oftentimes, there is plenty of revision and practice required, with lectures and seminars occasionally thrown into the bargain. From there, you might have to take an exam in order to show your proficiency and gain a Certificate or Diploma.

MBA Degree

A Masters in Business Administration degree, also called an MBA, is a degree designation that first made its appearance at Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business in 1881. An MBA degree is typically sought to distinguish oneself in the crowded field of business degree holders. Earners of MBA degrees are often sought by top companies for their managerial prowess and talent.

Degree Completion

An online degree completion program is tailored to meet your needs and schedule while giving you a concentrated education. Online degree completion programs differ from traditional courses. Students benefit from enhanced interaction with faculty and unique content.