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Art and Design

An art and design degree can encompass a wide range of areas by appealing to many creative and technologically inclined students. An online art and design degree is ideal for the student who must split time between personal and professional obligations.


Associate\'s Degrees in Business have become incredibly sought-after since the turn of the 21st century. With tech start-ups aplenty and more people deciding to become their own bosses, thousands of students have been relying on the qualification as a way to develop their entrepreneurialism. Not only will you be able to run a business operation with skill upon your graduation, but your new-found capabilities will also be of interest to future employers.

Education Degrees

Given how broad and varied the education sector is, there are numerous Associate\'s Degrees you could pursue in order to be a teaching professional. You may consider a course that explores early education as a specialty subject – and that\'s the curriculum that children in kindergartens and nurseries enjoy. Alternatively, you may go for an Associate of Arts (AA) degree which touches on education at all levels.

Culinary Degree

An online culinary degree can prepare you for an exciting career in the food service industry and open up access to many positions in this highly competitive field. With an online culinary degree you will qualify for a career as an executive chef, sous chef, restaurant manager, pastry chef, baker, food and beverage director and more.

Healthcare / Nursing

Many Associate\'s Degrees, especially those in healthcare-related subjects, are easily attained online – helping you to fit your studies around family or work commitments. At this degree level, there are normally two major courses to choose from: Healthcare Management and Healthcare Administration. There is good earning potential for those who graduate, too, especially considering this degree can lead on to fulfilling careers in radiation therapy, registered nursing or dental hygiene. If you decide to study on a full-time basis, you could even complete your course in just six months.

Liberal Arts & Humanities

Degrees in humanities and liberal arts encompass one of the most extensive and comprehensive areas of subjects. They cover so many subjects, listing them here would take up many pages. Degrees specializing in classical studies, language, visual and performing arts, philosophy and many others are widely available as online offerings.


If you\'ve always wanted to become a nurse, and you\'ve just graduated from high school, it comes recommended that you consider an Associate of Science degree in Nursing. In the industry, those who have graduated with this qualification are referred to as ASNs. This course is ideal if you are brand new to nursing – and in as little as four semesters, you could be out in the world of work and hunting for jobs. Some students decide that they want to continue with their studies at this point, possibly with a Bachelor of Nursing Degree. However, it is possible for you to amass more experience – and end up getting paid more – on the job.


Because of its specialist nature, and a recent lack of people who were taking the subject in university, engineering has become one of the most-demanded specialties in the job market. However, there are very few generic Associate\'s Degrees that are on offer from educational institutions these days – and instead, they offer dozens of disciplines you can choose from. Many universities have exceptional industry contacts which help you to secure work experience, and some have cutting-edge resources that allow your methods to be at the forefront of engineering.

Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is always growth-centered so it\'s unsurprising that opportunities are expected to remain robust worldwide. Career options abound wherever there is a source of travelers and diners. Moreover, countries experiencing rapid growth such as China and India are going to continue to attract countless potential customers to hotels, restaurants, resorts, and more.

Human Resources

Human resources are very much the beating heart of organizations across America – whether they are businesses, governmental bodies or charities. And if you want to become a specialist in this growing sector, an Associate\'s Degree offers the perfect foundation for finding experience, building your confidence and developing some contacts.

Science & Math

Science and math careers are many and varied. If you have a powerful sense of curiosity; are drawn towards numbers and formulas; or have a naturally analytical mind, an online degree in science or math may be ideal.

Technology / IT

An Associate\'s Degree in Technology may sound pretty straightforward and easy to explain, but in actuality, there are many different sub-specialties that you have to choose from, right before you apply to an educational institution in the first place. However, no matter which course you select, it\'s likely that you\'ll be studying for a period of two years.

Law & Criminal Justice

A career in law and criminal justice can encompass many things. By pursuing an online law and criminal justice degree, you are assured of having a great variety of potential careers to follow.