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Increased Salary Potential: Earn more with an Online Degree

It's a fact: continuing your education is more likely to lead to higher paying positions than stopping your education at high school. But nowadays life is so hectic; it can be hard to imagine driving back and forth to school and sitting in classes while maintaining your full-time job.

Online education has changed the game! Now you can complete your education from your computer without interrupting your current lifestyle. Because of current technology, you can take classes according to your availability and work at your own speed. Online is better!

With a higher education degree, you will have more spending potential. Imagine being able to save up for a flat-screen TV in only 1 or 2 months rather than having to wait 3 or 4 months. That's one of the differences between a high school graduate's salary and a college graduate's salary.

A College Education Gives More Options

Nowadays employers want their job candidates to come with two- or four-year degrees. By working at your own pace from your personal computer, you can earn your online degree and take advantage of the increased opportunities that come with higher education.

Did you know? By 2014, over 90% of the jobs in the fastest growing industries will require some education beyond high school.

Increased Job Security: Education is Key

While your high school diploma may have gotten you into the door at a level-entry position, studies show that a college degree increases your chances of both keeping your job and moving up the career ladder by 50%!

Getting your degree online enables you to better yourself while continuing your day to day activities uninterrupted. Most employers will see your degree program enrollment as a positive sign; they will see that you are serious about strengthening your potential and may even consider you for promotions sooner rather than later.

Did you know? Better jobs and higher salaries can be had for those with higher education levels. Additionally, studies show that those with higher education degrees have a longer life expectancy.

Additional Perks for your Online Degree:

In addition to higher salaries, those who have a college degree generally enjoy better health insurance and retirement plans, have a more optimistic outlook on the future, and are more likely to be involved with their community.