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Hospitality Management

Online Hospitality Management Degree Programs

The hospitality industry is always growth-centered so it's unsurprising that opportunities are expected to remain robust worldwide. Career options abound wherever there is a source of travelers and diners. Moreover, countries experiencing rapid growth such as China and India are going to continue to attract countless potential customers to hotels, restaurants, resorts, and more.

Careers in hospitality can include anything from hotel and restaurant management, food and beverage service, travel business management, travel agent, wedding planner, event planner, and other similar industry-related careers.

Most online hospitality management degree programs will offer an array of courses including business administration, hotel management, marketing, finance, and even culinary arts. Those pursuing a bachelors degree will encounter a core curriculum that includes basic classes such as math, English, science, and others.

Online Degree Choices

There are some associates degree programs available in hospitality management, however, the majority of universities offer four-year degree choices because most businesses are going to want to see a bachelors degree if not a masters. If you intend to seek upper management or executive-level positions, a higher degree is definitely going to suit you better in the long run.

and Salary Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts average growth at 11-percent across all hospitality management positions. They are quick to note that holders of higher degrees will enjoy the most opportunities.

In terms of salary expectations, the median salary of hotel managers was about $42,000 in 2007. For food service and restaurant managers, annual earnings were about $43,000